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Palmayachts (Yacht charter )


Real Sailing Experiences


We offer Sailing cruises, Fishing trips, Yacht Charter and nautical events.


PALMAYACHTS is the Portuguese yacht charter company specialized in nautical tourism in Portugal. With own fleet and managed boats, Palmayachts offers the biggest yacht fleet in Portugal.


We provide yacht charter services of sailing, motor boats, and luxury yachts, with and without skipper and crew. We also offer sailing cruises and nautical experiences across the country and organize events such as regattas, team buildings, incentives and all sorts of parties. Our yachts are modern, well equipped, offering all the conditions and facilities to our customers.


Being also a worldwide yacht charter broker, PALMAYACHTS offers the best prices and conditions to our clients, whether you want to charter in the Balearic Islands, Greece, Croatia, whether in the Caribbean or even other exotic destination.


PALMAYACHTS  was born of a passion. The passion for the sea, sailing, the fresh air, the sound of the wind and sea passing by the hull, sliding the waves, to see the land becoming smaller as we move away from the coast and see it back again after a few days .


We work for excellence in providing services to our customers and focus on our strengths in developing innovative and flexible offerings, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers and their expectations.