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Cooking Memories workshop (Cooking Memories workshop)


Mónica Pereira, a lawyer by profession, became known to the general public as the winner of RTP1’s Chefs’ Academy (2014 edition). This victory and her enormous courage set the tone for this project where she shares her passion for cooking. 

The Cooking Memories workshop, located at the splendid Cascais Marina, aims to provide a FRIENDLY AND RELAXED ENVIRONMENT where everyone has the opportunity to SHARE CULTURE AND CUISINE AND LEARN IN PRACTICE ("HANDS-ON").

THE WORKSHOPS AGENDA AND THE EXCLUSIVE RANGE OF EXPERIENCES THAT WE OFFER ARE HIGHLY VARIEDso that everyone will find a course that meets their expectations of the constantly evolving, amazing and captivating world of cuisine. 

From the art of frying an egg to the magic of molecular gastronomy, as well as typical Portuguese cuisine and flavours from around the world, there are plenty ofEXPERIENCES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS! 



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