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Information about the Main Nacional Lighthouses

21 D-2008 Montedor

(FI 2 10s W 102m 25M)
41º44’.97N 8º52’.33W

– On the top of the Montedor promontory about 4M NW of the mouth of River Lima

– Prismatic Tower with red dome

70 D-2032 Leça

(FI 3 15s W 57m 28M)
41º11’.98N 8º42’.66W

– About 1M N of the port of Leixões

– Cilindric tower, white with narrow black blands

102 D-2060 Cabo Mondego

(FI 5s W 96m 28M)
40º11’.36N 8º54’.24W
– White prismatic tower

D-2074 Pontal da Nazaré

(Oc. 3s 49m 14M)
39º36.40N 9º 05 W
– On the fortress of São Miguel, located in the Pontal da Nazaré

136 D-2086 Berlenga

(FI 3W 15s 121m 27M)
41º11’.98N 8º42’.66W

– On the highest point of the Berlenga Island

– White prismatic tower

143 D-2088 Cabo Carvoeiro

(FI 3 15s 59m 15M)
39º21′.54N 9º24′.39W
– White prismatic tower

186 D-2108 Cabo da Roca

(FI 4 W 18s 165m 26M)
38º46′.99N 9º29′.75W
– White prismatic tower

192 D-2114 Guia

(Iso W/R 2s 58m 19/16M)
38º41′.81 9º26′.70

– 1 M NW of Cascais

– Prismatic tower with red dome

195 D-2118 Sta Marta

(Oc. W/R 6s 25m 18/14M)
38º41′.50N 9º25′.17W

– On the Santa Marta Fortress

– Prismatic tower with blue stripes and red dome

210 D-2126 Bugio

(FI G 5s 28m 21M)
38º39′.70N 9º17′.85W

– In the tower os São Lourenço da Barra in Bugio Island

– Cilindric tower with green dome

211 D-2127 Gibalta

(Oc R 3s 31m 21M)
38º42′.02N 9º15′.89W

– In Gibalta encosta, near the marginal

– White cilindric tower with red dome and red fluorescent vertical stripes

212 D-2127,1 Esteiro

(Oc R 6s 82m 21M)
38º42’.30N 9º15’.51W

– About 760 metres from the Gibalta lighthouse

– White prismatic tower with two red stripes in the middle

360 D-2139 Cabo Espichel

(FI W 4s 168m 26M)
38º24′.84N 9º12′.90W
– White prismatic tower with a cilindric red light on top

Farol da Azeda

(Iso R6s 72m 17M)
– Located in the interior of Setúbal

401 D-2160 Cabo de Sines

(FI 2W 15s 50m 26M)
37º57′.48N 8º52′.75W
– White cilindric tower

436 D-2168 Cabo de S. Vicente

(FI 5s 86m 32M)
37º01′.28N 8º59′.72W
– White cilindric tower

445 D-2174 Ponta da Piedade

(FI 7s 51m 20M)
37º04′.74N 8º40′.09W
– Yellow prismatic tower

Ponta do Altar

(FI R 5s 32m 14M)
– Located on the Ponta do Altar, SE Praia da Rocha

491 D-2197, 2 Vilamoura

(FI 10s 18m 19M)
37º04′.38N 8º07′.31W

– On the control tower of marina building

– Orange tower

590 D-2246 Vila Real de Sto António

(FI 6,5s 52m 26M)
37º11′.12N 7º24′.91W
– White cilindric tower with black stripes with cilindric red light on top

706 D-2642 Ponta Graça

37º42′.80N 25º22′.21W

– S. Miguel Island – Azores

– White cilindric tower

624 D-2726 S. Lourenço

32º43′.58N 16º39′.15W

– In the E end of Madeira island

– White prismatic tower

656 D-2752 Ponta do Pargo

32º48′.62N 17º15′.51W

– In the W end of Madeira island

– White prismatic tower

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